Oh, Oh, CHANGES to Ibotta

ibottaThis morning, I was looking at the Ibotta offers and I noticed that they have changed almost all of the offers and made them for lower denominations!

If you have the Ibotta app, you may want to check out if the offers have changed for you, too.


  • Vera January 11, 2013, 09:31

    A lot of my offers disappeared. I had been watching the expiration dates and they were not due to expire.

    • admin January 11, 2013, 10:10

      I was working on coupon match ups when I looked to see the Ibotta offers they had completely changed from the night before. The manaufacturers probably was not happy since there are a ton of deals this month and people were paying little to no out of pocket.

      • SL January 11, 2013, 18:18

        I am new to IBOTTA and I spent time to complete the offer I like, then I could not redeem them because I cannot find rite aid from the list. Now all the offer I want is gone. Any one can tell me how to redeem the offer for rite aid purchase? Thanks.

        • admin January 12, 2013, 15:02

          Sometime yesterday, Ibotta, pulled allot of their offers and brought back some with lower denominations. I have to assume that the manufacturer wanted the offers pulled. I would go to the Ibotta Facebook page and complain, it’s not fair that they pulled the offer before it had expired!