OMG…even more people have viewed blog!

OMG, I really, really appreciate everyone that stopped by to view my blog on Sunday. It’s the first EVER that I had that many people read my blog in one day. And I mean EVER.

Thank you!

I also had two more Google ad clicks. Hot Dang!!! I really appreciate the clicks, too. I am defintely no Techno Geek but I have always loved writing. I also love the process of saving money and learning about hot deals. It’s fun going into stores and the clerks recognize you…whether they are dreading you and your coupons or they are glad to see you…the process is fun. I have learned about so many things about stores and so many different neighborhoods, too. I just try to pass along my observations and little nuggets of information I find out.

This journey has been super exciting for me and I hope you stay along for the ride!


  • Angie July 20, 2009, 17:19

    Thank you for doing the California deals, especially CVS.

    Which are your Google ads? I wanna help.

  • MsBuildingUpDaBenjamins July 20, 2009, 23:49

    Angie, I love posting about the great deals we have in Calif! BTW, all the ads are Google ads and thank you for reading and helping out!!!

  • kitty July 21, 2009, 01:46

    Hi, I just wanted to comment that I've been reading your blog too. It is very helpful because I'm also in California. Who knew that we didn't match up with the rest of the US? Anyway, I just wanted to post my CVS trip today I don't see that you have a mister linky so I thought I'd share for anyone else that reads your blog that might find it useful for shopping at CVS this week.

  • MsBuildingUpDaBenjamins July 21, 2009, 03:40

    Hi Kitty, I just signed up for Mr. Linky. I will test it out this coming Saturday. Thanks for your suggestion about Mr. Linky for Californians finding great deals, too!