We finally got some decent and cooler weather, here, in San Diego and I decided to make one mo’ run to Albertsons b/c I forgot to buy the cheese and I still had (2) $6 Air Wick I-Motion q to burn.

This morning, I had bought ALL the Air Wick I-Motions which was 3 at the Albertsons on University. So, I went to the Albertsons on Washington Street.

Dang, the individual sliced cheese is expensive and my son loves cheese. I swear he is eatting me out of cheese and home!

Anyways, I picked up the cheese and then looked at the air freshner aile. At the Washington Street Albertsons, they incorrectly put the wrong Air Wick I-Motion at the $5.99 price. The Air Wick I-Motion in the cans are on clearance and being fazed out and they are the one that should be at the $5.99 price. See my previous post about the Air Wick deal at Calif Albertsons here

However, the Washington Street Albertsons had Air Wick I-Motion Compact (in the canisters) were marked at the $5.99. I grabbed 2 and they had plenty in stock.

I get up to register and of course I bought other items besides the cheese. The Air Wick was scanned first so I could get the overage. But I had a Coupon Nazi cashier!

She scrutinizes my coupons and then says “I can’t scan the second coupon.” I was like okay fine. I never argue with a Coupon Nazi b/c it’s useless. I already knew that I was returning the second Air Wick tomorrow and I will still get the first Air Wick for FREE b/c she scanned the coupon for the full value of $6.

There’s more than one way to skin a cat!