Oooops, P&G did it Again

Back when I started couponing at the end of 2008, there were pretty much no restrictions listed on P&G coupons.  We looked forward to getting our P&G coupon inserts on Sundays  which had much longer expiration dates and buying as much P &G products as we wished and usually there were some sort of P&G Mail in Rebate (again, no restrictive stipulations on the rebate form) that made our shopping even better.

I guess, it was about six years, ago, that all changed.

P&G starting stating on their coupons, initially, in bold black letter, limit of 4 identical coupons per transaction.  Then they changed the restrictive language from bold black letters to bold red letters. P&G then changed the verbiage on their rebates in which will only pay you after deducting all coupons and discounts.

In case you don’t know, Extra Bucks, Plenti Points, Balance Rewards and Target gift cards are considered store discounts.

As Couponers, we adjusted.  We abided by the rules and for the most part, most of us stop participating in their disappointing rebates.

I believe, it was last month in June, but it could have happened earlier, when P&G once again, changed their coupon verbiage.

P&G coupons now state a limit of 2 identical coupons per  household per day.

Instead P&G constantly changing the verbiage of their coupons, they could just offer 25¢ coupons and those that truly love Tide laundry soap or Old Spice deodorant or Pamper diapers will definitely still take advantage of the coupon savings.  I highly doubt that potential new customers would be enticed by a 25¢ coupon to try a P&G product when their competitors are offering better incentives.

If you were like me and you were unaware that the P&G coupon verbiage had changed, now you know.  My dad use to say, “If you ain’t got no problems then you are dead” it was his way of saying either figure out a way to fix the problem or move on.



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  • tina July 17, 2017, 14:58

    Thanks, Roz! I also didn’t know they changed the wording of their coupons. And the reason is – the P&G inserts just don’t come any longer in the advanced editions of my Sunday newspaper. I simply refuse to buy coupons. I am just wondering, thought, which way is more profitable for them – to sell less at higher price, or to sell more and redeem more coupons. Do you know where that particular info may be available?