Get Ready for a Lawsuit Settlement

According to the Business Insider, Subway was sued for allegedly mislabeling its tuna sandwiches as tuna and the New York Times took tuna sandwiches from three Los Angeles Subway restaurants to a private lab and it was determined that none of the tuna sandwiches contained tuna or even fish DNA.

Get ready for a lawsuit settlement.

I ate a lot of Subway tuna sandwiches when I was working because Subway was within walking distance from my office and when you get out of a meeting at 11:30 am but you have a meeting set up for 1:30 pm, across town, you walk to Subway or you send office staff to buy a Subway lunch.

Always, always, alway take care of office staff and they will take care of you!


Check Your T-Mobile Tuesday Account!!!

T-Mobile customers, go to the T–Mobile Tuesdays app to check out the latest offers!!!


On Sunday, I did do the $4 Money Maker Huggies Special Delivery Diapers which that offer ended on Sunday. I checked the Fetch Rewards app to see if they had extended but at least for me, Fetch had changed the offer to 10,000 ($10) points when you buy 2.

Offers vary by account.


New Revlon Ibotta Rebate Offers!!!

There is new Revlon Ibotta Rebate Offers that can be redeemed at multiples stores!!!



The Ibotta rebate offer reset and these are soooo good. The milk chocolate taste just a Nestle Crunch candy bar!

Ralphs sells the Undercover Crispy Quinoa Snacks for $3.99 (check the app for aisle location) and there is a $2 Ibotta and $2 Cash Back making this snack FREE!!!