If you are at Vons or Albertsons be sure to be on the look out for candy tear pads.  I actually spotted the special display in the Produce aisle turned backwards.


If you are looking for a cheap candy to put into an Easter Basket, it’s being reported that the Toffifay Candy Single Serve 4 ct is on sale or clearance for $0.88 or $0.89 each and there’s a $0.50 Toffifay 4 piece only, limit 5, Ibotta rebate offer which makes the candies just $0.38 or $0.39 each!!!

It’s my understanding if you have a Walgreens with a window that you can pull up to the drive thru window and they will get you what you want.


Walgreens: New Only for You Coupons

Go check your Walgreens account for new Only for You coupons!!!


If you purchased beverages or food products containing meat and/or dairy ingredients in a Chipotle restaurant from April 27, 2015 through June 30, 2016, you maybe eligible to file a claim for the class action lawsuit.  You have until May 31st to file to participate in the lawsuit.



Over the weekend, I turned in my Instant Winner 2 Bonus Monopoly Game blue tickets and I had like 10 ticket plus the cashier was kind enough to hand me about 40 blue tickets.

I only needed about 40 points to get to the 200 points for the $15 Fandango Rewards.  This directions were easy to follow and I selected the $15 Visa Rewards eGift Card.

However, as I was scanning the tickets with the Monopoly app, I won a $1 JUST4U Instant Win Prize coupon which automatically goes onto your Vons card.

I also won a $2 JUST4U Instant Win Prize coupon!

Keep in mind that I did as soon as I got the $15 Visa gift card code, I immediately went to my Amazon account and added the Visa number to Amazon as a form of payment and made it my default payment and I turned around and bought a $15 Amazon gift card and sent to myself and then I added the Amazon gift card to my account.