Pantene Expert Products Rebate

1There wil be a new Pantene Expert Products Rebate wyb $20 get $10 Visa Gift Card!  The rebate offer will be available 3/24 – 4/16.


1. Buy $20 worth of Pantene Expert products between 3/24/13 thru 4/16/13.

2. Completed rebate form (Write UPC codes in spaces provided.)

3. List individual UPC codes with purchase price.

4. Original dated sales receipt(s) with store name and product purchase price circled.

5. Rebate applies to price paid after any coupon(s) or discount(s) are applied.

6. Mail to: Pantene Expert Rebate, P.O. Box 11415, South Bend, Indiana 46634-1415


Since P&G has added a stipulation on this rebate “after all coupons” to get the rebate, you will actually have to have a $20 out of of pocket to get the rebate. 

I will be passing on this rebate.



  • Patti March 23, 2013, 07:21

    So, from what you say, “discounts” includes Ups that were used as payment?
    Wow. That really stinks.

    • admin March 23, 2013, 07:38

      Yes, it does stink. Store rewards is considered a “store discount” therefore you will get a rebate check for your actual out of pocket.

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