People En Español Magazine

I saw several IG posts about People En Español magazine sells for $2.99 at Walmart and it is being reported that it works for the SwagBucks deal which makes the purchase $7.01 Money Maker!!!

Now, in San Diego, I don’t ever recall a People En Español being sold at any of the Walmart stores that I’ve visited almost all of them which is odd to me considering that I’m 20 minutes from the Mexican border.  I’ve seen a Walmart in Tijuana, Mexico but that’d be a bit too much to travel to another country for a rebate!🤣🤣🤣

However, you can check Brick Seek by entering your zip code to find the nearest Walmart that sells the People En Español in your area.  Who knows maybe the sell the magazine in the Los Angeles area or in Northern California.



  • Mel May 19, 2020, 10:32

    I saw the People en espanol in the magazine/book section at my Walmart. They were displayed with other vogue/lifestyle magazines, but just not at the main cashier area where you normally see the magazines.

    • Ms. B. May 19, 2020, 12:12

      Mel, it’s the oddest thing that the San Diego stores do not sell the People en Espanol magazine. I just checked the 2 nearest Walgreens and neither store sold the magazine. I went back to Walmart to the magazine section and no People en Espanol, no Instyle magazine and Real Simple magazine. I love Real Simple magazine. I’m thinking that those types of magazine do not well in San Diego and that’s the reason that the stores don’t carry those magazines. People that still buy magazines typically have disposable income and at $5.99 magazines at the newsstands are expensive. Buy chicken or ground beef or a $5.99 magazine? Heck, I wouldn’t be buying magazine if they wasn’t paying me!🤣