Pilot Pens at Rite Aid…

Be on the lookout for a $1.25 MIR on the Easy Touch Pro Pilot Pens, it has a yellow bubble at the top right corner!!!!

These are on sale for a buck a piece and there is a $1 SCR on Pilot Pens wyb 3.

Just a reminder, there is a $1/1 Pilot Pens Printable HERE

Here’s what the MIR says:

To receive a $1.24 refund by mail:

Buy:  This Easy Tough Pro 1-Pack (#32424)

Mail:  Completed certificate below with UPC bar code and your cash register receipt with price paid circled

To:  Pilot Pen Offer
       PO Box 6054-0
       Douglas, AZ 85655-6054

No expiration date listed.

Now, I can relax for a little while before writing up my Rite Aid trip!