Plotting and Planning

plottingplanningThis week, I did not step a foot into CVS not even to scan my card.  I am really trying to cut back on shopping since I am on a new job and I really don’t know my coworkers like that.  At my previous job, I use to take in all kinds of stuff to give away but I don’t feel comfortable…yet…bringing in stuff that I have accumulated to give away the stuff.

I will be going back to Rite Aid to get another Fresh & Sexy so I can get my $3+Up.

On Sunday, I will be getting the freebie Clear Scalp and the other freebie and some how figure out how to bring my total up to $30 so I can use my $5/$30 CVS Coupon that I was sent on Thursday.

I will be definitely be getting the Profoot, Simple Wipes and Glad Trash Bags.

Remember that today is the last day for the Rite Aid March Monthly Deals and being able to watch the March Video Values.