Plotting and Planning

plottingplanningI have had one heck of week, I have really been mostly in bed since my dental surgery on Tuesday.  The doctor must prescribed the strongest antibiotics and pain meds must they put me to sleep each time I take them.  The percoset, I knew was a powerful pain med and I have only taken that at night but the med to reduce the swelling make me sleepy as well.  Today, I can fully open my mouth (YAY!!!!!)  and only the bottom half of my mouth is swollen.

Anyways, I plan to run over to Rite Aid to see if they have the Dermasilk for $19.99, if they do it will be a nice Money Maker for me.  If they don’t have it then I won’t buy Dermasilk.  I will also be picking up some extra newspapers for the coupons!

Of course, on Sunday, I will going to Rite Aid for the Bayer Contour Next EZ Meter and the Almay and I’ll be going to CVS to use my 20% off coupon on the Nivea for Men and the Venus Disposable Razors.