Plotting and Planning…

OMG, I checked to see what the weather forecast is for today and it’s suppose get to 79 degreees!  I have been spoiled, this summer, with the mild weather that we have been having this summer, I’m not going know how to act with the higher temperature.  My family in Northern Calif have also noticed the milder the temperatures b/c Sacramento gets extremely hot during the summertime and it has not been the case for them either.

Anyways, I need to make one more trip to Rite Aid to finish off the Vitamins SCR and the Nature Made Free Magazine Offer.

The reason I really do not like doing back-to-back transactions is b/c my OOP always seem to be higher than planned on my second transaction.  It’s just easier for me to make another trip, I don’t have any little ones and I can normally squeeze in a transaction between other things or during my lunch hour.

Here the senario that I am planning to do today:

$10.39 Nature Made
$4.39 C. Booth
$11.98 Purex 3-in-1

= $27.16

-$6 C. Booth In-Ad
-$2 Nature Made MFQ
-$6 Purex 3-in-1 RP 8/15
-$1 Wellness Vitamins

= $3.16

SCRs Earned = $5 Vitamins SCR and Nature Made Free Magazine

Profit = $1.84

$11.98 towards $5 Henkle SCR wyb $20

Of course, I am assuming that I can find the Purex 3-in-1 in stock expecially since there was $3 coupons for it in Sunday’s paper.  But I am going to have positive thoughts that I will find the Purex sitting on the shelf just waiting for me to pick them up!…LOL