Plotting and Planning

If you plan to do the XYZAL Allergy deal at Rite Aid today then make sure you get to the store first thing, this morning, and be sure that you are signed up for Rite Aid’s Wellness+ Allergy Rewards program by printing the bar code and having the cashier scan the bar code.

A reader, Trish, reported that the recent Plenti offer is not working. You can contact Plenti – 1-855-753-6841, Monday through Sunday, 9am – 9pm ET to request that they give you the credit.

Also, if your CVS store is out of stock on the Ragu pasta sauce then grab a rain check for the price of $1 a jar!  I am going to say it again that CVS rain checks never expire and you take your time redeeming your rain check.

I will definitely be going to CVS on Sunday for the FREE St. Ives body wash!

I will also go to the Rite Aid for the $.99 Oxi Clean laundry detergent and the FREE Colgate toothpaste.