Plotting and Planning

Usually, when I work on Fridays it is a chill day and I am straightening out my desk and playing catch up on things that I did not get to during the week.  However, on Friday, I got a call about 7:15 a.m. and I was suddenly told I was speakerphone.  The call caught me off guard and I was not prepared to discuss whatever they were talking about.  The conversation went quickly downhill.  I have not worked with this group previously so they don’t know my expectations that I want the project completed on time and correctly.

I am going to pretty much work this entire weekend, because I need to do allot research on the laws that apply to this particular project.  This $5 million  project was awarded last year and it’s behind schedule.   I inherited the project on Monday.

Anyways, we will be getting just (1) Red Plum coupon insert on Sunday.  However, you can stop by your local Dollar Tree or $.99 Store to pick up the newspaper and save yourself some money!

CVS was kind enough once again to send to my mail box a 25% off CVS coupon!!  I have expiring Extra Bucks so I will have to figure out what I will be getting on Sunday.

Rite Aid nothing looks too exciting so I will probably skip going to Rite Aid on Sunday.  However, I will probably go to Rite Aid today and using my second card to pick the Oral-B Floss picks!