Plotting and Planning

My full first week back at work was crazy busy and I came home tired every day but because I know that I will be doing my early retirement in July, I just keep pushing forward.  Thank goodness for the long holiday weekend!

We are doing a quick weekend get away, we are just going to an Indian Casino, tonight and staying overnight and then we will be back on Sunday.  I think back in April, we went to the casino, I won like $400 or $500 from the $20 I spent at the slot machines.

We will be getting just one coupon insert on Sunday and it’s the (1) Smart Source.  Also, if you have not had a chance to stop by CVS then make sure to do so and scan your loyalty card.

The struggle for me has been real trying to write up the Rite Aid deals in 2018 and next week’s deals are no exception.  I have even noticed that gift card deals, the requirement to buy a $25 or $50 gift card has remained the same but the amount you get back in store rewards have lessen.  For example, starting on Sunday (1/14), there will be a Nike/Footlocker gift card buy $50 get back $5 BC…and the following week, the gift card deals are the same – same monetary requirement but less back in store rewards.

Anyways, I will be skipping Rite Aid on Sunday unless a deals come up that cannot be passed up.  However, I will be going to CVS on Sunday.