Plotting and Planning

Wow, we are already into February and there is no rain and no cooler weather in sight for Southern California.  On Thursday, once again, we were told to be prepared to be on furlough next week if a budget is not signed by midnight on February 8th.

Uggghhhhhh, I don’t normally move my cellphone charger cord but I did and of course, now I can’t find itttttttt.  I have to figure out where I can get a cheap charger for my iPhone because Lord knows I do not want to go to the Apple store to pay full price for a charger.

We will be getting (1) Smart Source and (1) Red Plum coupon inserts on Sunday but neither insert is nothing to write home about.

Once again, I will be skipping shopping at Rite Aid on Sunday because it’s almost as if Rite Aid has taken on the Walgreens strategy of not offering any deals.  OMG, the struggle was real, this week, when I was trying to do the write up for next week’s “Best Rite Aid Deals” post.

I may or may not go to CVS to use my B1G1 FREE Revlon coupon in SS 1/21.