Plotting and Planning

I have been suffering with my allergies for a couple of weeks and I am telling you that yesterday was the worse my allergies symptoms have been been in years…and so, last night I had to take a Benadryl.  If you ever hear me say that I am taking Benadryl then I am at my wit’s end because Benadryl makes me so darn sleepy whenever I take it but it clears up 90% of my allergy symptoms including the sneezing, coughing, and runny nose.  I went bed extremely early last night but the weird thing for me is that I do not stay consistently asleep with the Benadryl.

Anyways, we will be getting two coupon inserts – the (1) Smart Source and (1) Red Plum/Retail Me Not.

On Sunday, I will be definitely be going to Rite Aid and since I have not stepped foot into CVS, this week, I still got to go do the Candula cream and the Gliss hair care deals. Buying the Gliss conditioner in the Black bottle is a $3 Money Maker if you have the two Saving* rebates.

You know back in the day, I could easily write about deals without a deal literally being shut down in seconds.  I am much more cognizant and careful in not saying what the glitch is but to buy these products.  There are so many “bots” that are monitoring the blogs, forums and social media that great deals get killed very easily even before you knew that there was a deal.