Plotting and Planning

My goodness, it was another busy weeks for me but I see the light at the end of the tunnel my retirement date is fast approaching.  My last day of work is like on a Tuesday because the last day of July falls on a Tuesday which means it’s really that Monday will be my official last day because on your official last day all you do is say good bye to everyone and then check out.  I’m excited!!!

Anyways, on Sunday, we be getting (1) P&G, (1) Red Plum/RMN and (2) Smart Source.

As a reminder, if you have reach $5 in your Savingstar account, you must request your funds by Sunday (4/29) as Savingstar has raised.

I have been reading across social media that both MyPoints and SwagBucks have been swamped and they are taking up to two weeks to approve receipts. 🙁

I think I will be taking a couponing break on Sunday since I am not seeing anything that I must rush to the drugstore on Sunday.  However, as always, if I hear about a glitch or a Money Maker that is too good to pass up, I will be in the drugstores! 🙂



  • tina April 28, 2018, 16:27

    I am also waiting on SB and my points. Submitted two receipts on 4/20 and no updates so far.

    • tina April 28, 2018, 16:28

      And btw, all your talk about retiring makes me want to do the same but I can’t afford it yet. I am so excited for you though!