Plotting and Planning

Yesterday, I was supposed to be off work but about an hour before I was about to go to Walmart, I got a text and then a phone call about this hot, complex project that one of my new coworkers was supposed to watch over for me.  I thought everything was worked out when I got off the phone with her so I proceeded to go to Walmart.  Of course, while I was shopping at Walmart, I then received another a call about the project.  When I am off work, I leave the work at the office unless I’ve brought home my laptop.  The girl was asking me all kinds of questions about things that had happened earlier in the week and I honestly could not remember so I told after I finish at Walmart, I’d come into the office to see what she is talking about. Uggghhhhh.

I am going to need stop by CVS so I can scan my card since I have gone into CVS, this week. Today, you will see allot of Ibotta deals but you can always put in the search bar (upper left corner) “walmart” and you can see the latest deals.  Obviously, not all of the Ibotta deals are at Walmart but a good deal of are at Walmart.  Use whatever gift card or store rewards to lower your out of pocket.

On Sunday, we will get (2) Smart Source and (1) Red Plum/Retail Me Not coupon inserts.

I will be definitely going to CVS on Sunday because I want the Almay Goddess Gloss and I will going to Rite Aid for the Money Maker Hydralyte.