Plotting and Planning

YAY, it’s Saturday!!!  Earlier, this week, I was having all kinds of problems with my blog due to a software update.  I couldn’t add pictures to some posts so you saw posts without pictures.  I also had problems posting and so you saw some days in which I had very few posts.  The folks that management my blog services had to wait for a particular company update the security plug-in to fix the problem with the blog.  Ugghhhhhh.  Thank goodness, this week, was not the most exciting coupon week.

Anyways, the Bounty Essentials IB rebate is back. Ibotta is rejecting the one count Bounty Essentials paper towels (Thanks, Anu!).

On Sunday, we will be getting (1) Smart Source and (1) Retail Me Not coupon insert.

I will be going to CVS today to roll those $2.99 in Extra Bucks!  I will also be going to Rite Aid on Sunday for the FREE mouthwash.

Todday, make sure to stop by Walgreens for the FREE Old El Paso.



  • Anu June 16, 2018, 09:49

    Ibotta is not accepting bounty rebate, they rejected my rebate.

    • Ms. B. June 16, 2018, 11:07

      Anu, thanks for letting me know and make sure that you return the paper towels.