Plotting and Planning

YAY, it’s Saturday!!!  I swear that Saturday is the best day of the week.  Yesterday, it was so unbelieveably hot, I sat in my car for a few minutes on the phone talking and before I realized it, I was dripping in sweat.  Folks make sure that you are staying hydrated.

We will be getting (1) Smart Source and (2) Retail Me Not coupon inserts on Sunday.

I will definitely be going to Rite Aid on Sunday for the Snickers bars and FREE Crest and Oral-B.  A reader, recently asked  about my thoughts on shopping at Rite Aid since the register updates and could I used my coupons before using the Bonus Cash.  To be honest, I do know because the first real deal I did at Rite Aid, this year, was the Listerine deal back in May, and I want to say that I did use a couple of hang tags but I had a high out of pocket because I had little to no Bonus Cash to use.  I will be using digital coupons on Sunday but wants to chime in about using paper coupons before using Bonus Cash, please do.

Last Sunday, I ended up not buying the P & G inserts because there isn’t P & G products that I absolutely have to have.

I will most likely skip going to CVS.


  • Meryl July 8, 2018, 10:45

    Hi Roz, Today or tomorrow is the last day for the Kinbor Marketplace sale at Sears 100% cash back [in points] when you spend at least $40- they have a bunch of nice things which ALL ship free! You get the points back all in one and shipping is free over $35 at Sears and Kmart where you can redeem them. Great for people whose stores have closed. Just wanted to let you and your readers know.

    • Meryl July 8, 2018, 10:46

      It’s $40 back, not more- sorry! You have to spend at least $40 to qualify.