Plotting and Planning

I have nine more work days, excluding weekends, until I retire!!!  They have started to give some of my projects to other people and I am so grateful for that.  There is no relief in sight for our hot and disrespectful weather but Vons has the Refresh water 24 pk on sale for $1.99 when you buy 2 which is a good deal.

On Sunday, we will be getting (1) Smart Source and (3) Retail Me Not coupon inserts in the newspapers.

Tomorrow, I will probably not being going to Rite Aid but you can get FREE toothpaste if you are in need of it.  However, I am interested in the KISS Salon Dip Color Powder so I may stop by to get that.

I will also most likely skip going to CVS on Sunday but once again if you are in need of FREE Crest toothpaste, you can go to CVS.

It looks like I will be enjoying relaxing Sunday at home! 🙂