Plotting and Planning

OMG, I was shocked yesterday that the Kellogg’s CO51 rebate did not go down to zero quantities.  Out of the three rebate apps, it’s only S* that once you activate the rebate, it’s a done deal and you can redeem the item at anytime until the actual expiration date and then they still give you a couple of extra after the expiration day.  Both CO51 and IB have customer activate offers but the reality seems to be that you cannot truly accept their offer until you buy the item and submit the receipt.  This is simple Contracting 101 Law and if someone was to file a lawsuit against IB or CO51, they’d have to settle the lawsuit or straight lose the case.  I suspect that there is already case law regarding rebates versus coupon and that’s why IB and CO51 is so pressed to have bloggers refer to these offers as Mobil Coupons when in fact, the offers are in fact rebates.

Anyways, on Sunday, we will get (1) small Smart Source and (1) super small Retail Me Not coupon inserts.

Tomorrow, I will probably stop by Rite Aid for the Revlon lipstick that I didn’t get a couple of weeks ago and I may skip shopping at CVS on Sunday.