Plotting and Planning

December is finally here and remember to withdraw your funds (if you are able to so) from the rebate apps!

On Thursday, I could not believe how much it rained.  It was sort of lightly sprinkling when I walked into Walmart and by the time, I left Walmart, it was full on monsoon.  I sat in my car about 20 minutes waiting for that rain to lift because I was going to have to get on the freeway.  I said a prayer and drove towards the freeway and to my surprise, even though, it was raining cats and dogs, everyone on the freeway was driving like 20 miles per hour and I made it home without seeing one accident.  We had to turn on the heater on Thursday because it just got too cold.

I went to that particular Walmart because of the $15 Money Maker Fragrance deal.  This week, I actually visited 4 different Walmarts to find the $3 fragrances and as luck would have it, the very first store, I visited had the fragrances in the Beauty aisle where the sell the full size fragrances.  I bought was shown in the picture.  The other 3 Walmarts, I walked all over each store looking for those fragrances and they were nowhere to be had.  I’m not sure if only certain Walmarts got the fragrances and the display or the other stores have not set them up. If you find the display, you submit for $10 Ibotta, $10 Checkout 51 and you’ll have $15 towards Savingstar.  Then you wait until Ibotta and Checkout 51 rebates reset again, and your rinse and repeat and then you get the $5 Savingstar rebate making it a $15 Money Maker.

On Sunday, we will get (1) Smart Source and (1) itty bitty Retail Me Not coupon inserts.

Y’all be care out in these streets because people are acting real crazy.  I saw a man and a woman arguing and screaming at each other about a parking spot.  I saw the man get out of his car and try to reach into the woman’s car to grab her, it was crazy.  Then on Friday, this woman literally tried to run me off the road. Uggghhhhh.

There’s nothing at Rite Aid looks exciting next week so I’ll take a pass going there on Sunday.  However, I will probably go to CVS for the Irish Spring bar soap.