Plotting and Planning

Yesterday morning, the Susie’s Ethics Police tried to leave a comment about how unethical my blog is but I have no problem sleeping at night so I blocked her.  She was hot about this post.

Also yesterday, I went and got the $29.99 battery for my iPhone 6+, although, the traffic in Mission Valley was out of control.  My cellphone battery had been running hot and according to the technician, the battery was running hot to compensate for working extra hard to keep my phone functioning.  So, glad that I did not have to buy the battery for that $99 price tag.

After Sunday, we will get a two week break from getting coupon inserts in our newspapers so that we can enjoy truly enjoy the holidays.  However, on Sunday, we will get (1) Smart Source and (1) Retail Me Not coupon inserts.

A rare thing for me say, these days, but I plan to go to Rite Aid on Sunday for the $0.25 Prego pasta sauce!