Plotting and Planning

What a busy week!  On Monday, I shipped off the gifts to my family in Sacramento and this year will be the last year that I will be taking things to be shipped because it cost me an arm and a leg to ship.  Next year, I will be using Amazon, Target or whoever has free shipping to buy gifts and ship.

However, two gifts that I order ended up getting lost and I was so thankful that I used PayPal to pay for those gifts.  I called Adidas customer service that the tracksuit that I ordered for my son never arrived and they immediately returned my funds back to PayPal.  Kohls to the rescue, I was able to get the Adidas tracksuit at Kohls online (free shipping) but I ended up paying twice the price (the one that I bought at was during Black Friday).

My car had three recall items that needed to be fixed for free and they was going to need to keep my car for the full day and into the next day.  Halfway into day #2, they called with recommendations to get three other items get fixed…well, $2,600 later, the car is finally fixed.  The car dealership gave me a Altima 2018 to drive, it’s a very nice car but there’s nothing like driving a BMW.

Anyways, on Sunday, we will not be getting the coupon inserts in our newspapers as most of us will be enjoying spending the holidays with our friends and family.

I will most likely not be doing any drugstore deals on until after Christmas because I want to enjoy the holidays, too!  On Christmas Eve, I will probably post until 12 noon PST but I will not have any post on Christmas Day.