Plotting and Planning

It’s hard to believe that Christmas is over and we have to wait until next year for another Christmas.

Yesterday, I had so much fun shopping the 70% off Christmas sale at Target, in fact, I went to another Target, later in the evening, and picked up a few gift bags but I could not find the Christmas paper plates.

Last week, I had some maintenance done to my car and I picked my car, the Friday before last.  Then last Saturday, I went out to run some errands and my dashboard lit up like a Christmas tree with warning alerts for my brakes and tire pressure warning lights. The dealership had just replaced the brake fluid and put two new tires on my car.  I knew that it was some sort of sensor problem because the dashboard will tell you which tire needs air.  Anyways, I took my car back to the dealership and it turns out that my each of my tires has an antenna that leads to the steering systems and the mechanic broke one of the antennas which made the car’s computer believe that my driving system was inactive.  So, they gave me a 2019 BMW 530 Electric Hybrid to drive for three days and it was so fun to drive!

Anyways, we will be getting one coupon insert in the newspapers on Sunday and that’s the January P&G.  I typically get the newspapers at the Dollar Tree for $1 but over the last two months, it’s been a hit or miss if their newspapers have the coupon inserts due to Coupon Sellers on Instagram stealing them in the newspaper warehouses.

Today, I will probably stop at a few Rite Aid because I want to do the Sheamoisture deal, buy $20 get $10 Bonus Cash (limit 2) on Sunday (12/30) since the $5/$20 SheaMoisture products, SavingStar (exp 12/31). I want to get the Sheamoisture liquid hand soap but I don’t like the African Black liquid hand soap because it makes my hands so dry. I’m hoping other Rite Aid carry the Sheamoisture Manuka Honey liquid hand soap.

I may or may not go to CVS on Sunday and instead go on Monday.

Also, don’t forgot to pick up the FREE Suave dry spray deodorant at Walmart, if you haven’t done so already.  The Savingstar rebates expire on 12/31.


  • tina December 29, 2018, 21:28

    I like the smell of the Shea Moisture Black African liquid hand soap. I thought it was for super dry skin. Hmm. May be that’s why my hands are sooo dry.

  • Ms. B. December 29, 2018, 21:53

    Tina, the hand soap has a wonderful scent but I couldn’t use it on my skin. I took it all to my job and put them in the women’s bathrooms. I’m have to do a post about my stash of liquid hand soaps! 🙂

    • tina December 30, 2018, 14:20

      Yes, please, do it! Liquid soaps, bar soaps, perfumes… I am all about smells. I bought 2 Beyoncé perfume gift sets from the pre-Christmas sales but haven’t opened them. I tried one of them in the past but didn’t like it. Can’t remember which one. From Wags clearance bought JLo perfume set. I liked in the past hers but they keep coming with new ones. Can’t keep up with those celebrity fragrances….
      This year I didn’t see a great fragrance sale.

      • Ms. B. December 30, 2018, 18:01

        Tina, I’m with you, I did not like the Beyonce fragrance gift set I bought years ago while couponing but I don’t remember which one of her fragrances I tried. I have heard that JLo’s and Britney Spears fragrances were nice.