Plotting and Planning

Yesterday morning, I was looking at the weather forecast and we was heading into 80’s for like the next five days and then I saw someone had posted for California to stay safe and it was picture of a tropical storm forming in Mexico.  The person wasn’t from California and they probably don’t know how cold our waters are off our coasts.  If you are in California and you haven’t driven our coastline – shame on you! OMG, we have the most beautiful coastline, it is a magnificent drive and you’ll really appreciate why you live in California.

Anyways, on Sunday, we will getting only (2) Retail Me Not coupon inserts and my goodness, I saw on Instagram that folks were trying to sell those small inserts for like $13 and in my opinion, they shouldn’t have been selling them for no more than $5 at the most for a set of 10.

Again, the month of July is not typically a busy couponing month which is fine with me.  I don’t mind having July just to relax and maybe do a deal here or there.

I have no expiring store rewards so I do not have to go to any drugstore on Sunday but I always keeping my fingers crossed that there will be a glitch! 🙂


  • Stephanie Buriel July 13, 2019, 14:41

    Try $20 for inserts where I live. 🤨

    • Ms. B. July 14, 2019, 07:13

      Wow, $20 is waaaaay too much. 🤣