Plotting and Planning

The heat has got me beat even though it has been just in the low/mid 80’s but I swear I cannot take any humidity because it just drains all of my energy.  In 2005, I was in Florida (for work) from May to August and the humidity was out of this world, I was there observing military members working a airplane hangar and everyday at lunch, I would drive back to my room and lay on my bed with the a/c on.  I then went from Florida to Hawaii from September to December.  Hawaii is also humid but not as much a Florida,  Both states have a lot in common – very similar weather with the thunderstorms, nice warm waters, lots of frogs and lizards/geckos and all of the worker are super chill.

Anyways, if you every read a blog, Instagram, twitter or a forum always make sure to read the comments because I happen to catch a reader leave a comment about the Ralphs Cash Back program about how there’s a chance the KCB wont credit because it’s a 5x digital.  It never occurred to me that the 5x digitals could be blocking the cash back so keep that in mind.  I bought the Twinkies so we will see if I get the RCB. I’m only risking $0.49 or $0.98 for both.

I also bought 2 BelVitas at Ralphs for $1.49 each and submitted to CO51 and S* and my receipt was approved.

Yesterday, I stopped by the gas station which is super close to the I-15 freeway. I got out of my car and I was about to put my card into card reader when out of my peripheral vision to my right I saw someone across the street (mind you it’s a six lane street). I turned and there’s a lady on her cellphone and there is black smoke billowing from her car.  It 6:30 p.m. and there’s a lot traffic but a policeman pulls up behind and jumps out of his car with a fire extinguisher in hand.  I had been standing there a minute since getting out of my car.

The policeman pops open the hood of the car and fire has engulfed the engine. The policeman must have asked for an assist for back up and the fire department because there was a empty field behind them that could catch on fire and that thick black smoke was billowing across the I-15 freeway because during rush hour.

Now, another minute has pass and the fire has jumped from the engine to the back of the car and the policeman stepped back away from the car because his itty bitty extinguisher wasn’t doing a thing but two fire trucks had arrive and another police car blocked the west bound traffic.

As I watched this whole thing unfold, I though to myself that the fire truck that came off the I-15 must of came off of Adams Avenue and the other fire truck must have came from University Ave.

Anyways, on Sunday, we will be getting (1) P&G, (1) Smart Source and (1) Retail Me Not.  It’s the biggest coupon insert that I’ve seen since Red Plum became Retail Me Not.

I’m not seeing any exciting deals for next week but we will be rolling into August, next week, and will begin to see Back-to School deals, Labor Day deals and Fall decor! 🙂