Plotting and Planning

Welp, we are going to have 79, 80 or 81 degrees for the next couple weeks so we definitely want to stay hydrated. I read an article, last week, that a study said that runners and athletes have been advised to over hydrate and that’s what causes a lot deaths during the summer.  Supposedly, our bodies are meant to travel long distances in the heat as our ancestors did and our brain adjusts our bodily function to operate accordingly.  Vons and Sprouts has their water on sale for $1.99.

I think the new Ibotta bonuses are beta test to see how many people will bite but lets keep our fingers crossed and maybe they will come with more freebie rebates. 🙂  Man, every time the So Delicious rebate reset, I went to Walmart because they free + Money Maker and they are perfect for the hot weather!

On Sunday, we will have (1) Smart Source and (2) Retail Me Not coupon inserts. I had my middle brother mail me the coupon inserts from Sacramento and to my surprise, they didn’t have a P&G coupon insert in the Sacramento Bee.  If I was in Sacramento, I would have probably stopped by the local Circle-K  (it’s like a 7-Eleven or a Wawa depending where you live) and picked the San Francisco Chronicle.  San Francisco Examiner or the San Jose Mercury. Sacramento carries a lot of newspapers but at the Dollar Tree or $0.99 Store, you can only the Sacramento Bee.  I said all that to say that the thieves (I mean cou

I was telling one of my friends how I didn’t need to make reservations far in advance to go home because there is a plane that leaves every hour from 6:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. from San Diego to Sacramento.  It’s because Sacramento is our state capitol and lobbyists, contractors and ordinary citizens go to Sacramento on a daily basis to get business done.  I follow my state representative on social media and she is in San Diego almost everyday, it’s less than an 1 1/2 plane ride!

I am hoping that the drugstores will come out with some back to schools deals for that need it. Ten years ago, CVS, Rite Aid and Walgreens used to have awesome back to school with store rewards and it’s as if they all three decided no longer in the back to school promotions. Odd.

I have to go to CVS on Sunday as I will have an expiring Extra Bucks so I’ll have to figure out a deal.

Also, the $3 Money Maker Nature’s Truth Vitamin E Sticks has reset a third time, I wished I would have checked, yesterday.