Plotting and Planning

Yesterday, morning, I picked up five packs of the $3.49 Scott ComfortPlus Bath Tissue and make sure that you scan your receipt with the Fetch Rewards app. If you bought or you are planning to buy the $1.49 Kellogg’s cereal, at Ralphs, then upload your receipt for Kellogg’s Family Rewards to accumulate points for $1 off coupons or gift cards.

Don’t forget to stop by Vons/Albertsons for the Pete & Gerry’s Organic Free Range Eggs 12 ct just $1.24. Organic eggs for $1.24 or any kind of eggs for $1.24 is a super bargain.

I was at Walmart and Ralphs, yesterday, and there was an urgency in the air, I saw shopping carts with lots of necessities like paper goods and canned food items. Are we over reacting to the CoronaVirus…possibly. However, they are saying that 40% to 70% of American are going to end up with the CoronaVirus.

I would rather get my 5 packs of Scott toilet paper for $3.49 instead of waiting getting the toilet paper at a much higher price. Look, all grocery and drugstores do not have to have a sale on their paper goods, they sell that same toilet paper for $9.99 and increase their profits. Will we go through 5 packs of toilet paper, this year? Yes, we will so my purchase isn’t a loss.

On Sunday, we will get (1) Smart Source and (1) Retail Me Not coupon inserts.

If you have not gone to CVS, this week, go to your CVS accounts and print or send to card your CVS coupons.

It’s Saturday, enjoy your day!


  • DENISE March 7, 2020, 15:18

    I just got my rebate from for the Schick razor. It took 5 days for it to be approved. Maybe you might want to submit it again. Maybe they might have it fixed now.

    • Ms. B. March 7, 2020, 17:25

      Denise, I might as well submit again, it never hurts to try.

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