Plotting and Planning

Man, oh man, the difference a week makes! I could not have imagined a week ago that we’d be shelter in place and practicing social distancing.  I have been so busy, this week, talking to so many of my family and friends about the CoronaVirus.  We have got to reach out to everyone to make sure if they are okay and if they need anything.  Just because Uncle Jessie is 70 years old and he has always been as strong as an ox doesn’t mean you don’t need to check on him because he’s crotchety.  In this national crisis, we love on everyone that needs it.  You call, text, FaceTime or email your ratchet sister, cousin or dad that you cannot stand to make they are okay, your love may not be reciprocated but you at least tried.

I was able to withdraw $90.28 from my Ibotta account because I  finish the Pot of Gold Ibotta bonus but it was an arduous task as there was so many items are out of stock due to the hoarding.  I would have loved to get the Pete & Gerry’s Organic Free Range Eggs or any eggs but Vons, Ralphs, Walmart and Target was completely out of eggs.

If you did not activate the zip code advantage $1 off digital coupons on Wednesday when they came out, you are SOL, because they are no longer available for you to clip.  Do not take things for granted especially when it’s in your favor.  This has been a very stressful week with so much coverage about the CoronaVirus but when a little glitch is in your favor, you do what is necessary to continue enjoying that glitch.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that the $1 off zip code advantage will return next Wednesday.  I believe those coupons show up a little after 12 midnight (PST) and if you are from work due to CoronaVirus then stay up and activate those coupons.

As I wrote earlier, in the week, I won’t be posting deals like I used to because most of the stores are out on everything…at least, in San Diego, California.

I do believe that our government will be issuing a stimulus package to help most Americans and I’m thinking it will be between $2,500 and $4,000 by April 6th depending on your income.  I think student loans payments will be put into abeyance, as well as, rents, mortgages, credit card and loan payments.  You can’t close 70% of business and send people home without providing a safety net.  It’s a tough decision to make pay your rent/mortgage or eat/feed the baby or buy diapers.

If you didn’t get to CVS, this week, go into your CVS account and send to card or print your CVS coupons.

On Sunday, we will be getting (1) Smart Source and (1) Retail Me Not coupon inserts in the newspapers.

It’s Saturday, enjoy your day!


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