Plotting and Planning

Typically, every two weeks, I go get my gel nails touched up at the nail shop but the Tuesday before last I told my nail technician to remove the nails since I didn’t want to be worried about having to get to a nail appointment with the CoronaVirus.  I think a couple days later they had closed down all the nail and beauty shops. I am also glad that I had my hair trimmed earlier, this month.

Yikes, it’s 46 degrees, this morning, in San Diego.  Let’s turn on the heat to get the chill out of the air.

So, yesterday, I told you about My Trip to AutoZone but what I left out was the fact that when I went to upload my receipt, I realized that I had forgotten to activate the offer on SB and MP.  Uggghhhhhh!!!!! However, it’s no big deal because I activated the offers ASAP and then I waited a couples of hours and then I submitted my receipts and both receipts was approved almost immediately.

You can redeem the Armor All deal once per week (Sunday – Saturday) thru April 30, 20, while supplies last. Receipt must be uploaded by 11:30 pm Pacific Time on April 30, 2020.

On Sunday, we will getting (1) P&G, (1) Retail Me Not and (2) Smart Source coupon inserts in the newspapers.  Do we really need to get the coupon inserts with the CoronaVirus especially since the deals at the drugstores have been lackluster at best?

If you haven’t been to CVS, this week, and printed your CVS coupons then go into your CVS account and send to card or print your CVS coupons.

It’s Saturday, enjoy your day!