Plotting and Planning

Last week, I started back walking just in my neighborhood and we went from it being cold and heavy rains to 90 degree weather all within the month of April.  I am walking 1 1/2 miles in the mornings and also in the evenings to give me 3 miles a day.  The walks always relaxes me and takes away any negative vibes that I may be feeling.

This week, I went to Vons three times and all three times, the two stores that I visited was nearly empty.  I have two Vons in my neighborhood, one to the south of me that I can walk to and another to the north of me that is super close but it smaller than the other Vons.  The Vons on Adams Ave, people forget that the store is there so when there is a hot deal, I always go to that store because usually have the hot items still on their shelves.  I bought more frozen and canned vegetables, pasta sauce, chili, tuna and items that can stretch a meal.

So, last week, I didn’t buy any Sunday newspapers and it felt weird but I haven’t been doing a lot couponing and the insert coupons expire so quickly, it’s not a loss if I skipped by the inserts.

On Sunday, we will have the (1) Smart Source, (1) P&G and (1) Retail Me Not coupon inserts in the newspapers. However, I will not be picking up newspaper, it will be another pass for me.

If you did not stop by CVS, this week, and print your coupons then go to your CVS account and print or send to card you CVS coupons.

It’s Saturday! Enjoy your day.


  • Nick April 25, 2020, 22:01

    Just got back from Target and got some excellent deals thanks to Target Circle! Best way to keep the deals going is simple: search by 50% discount. One item pairs PERFECTly with Ibotta!

    P.S. Only “sour” part of the experience was a 20-something female who had no intention of wearing a mask while shopping. Held it up to her face while entering, immediately put it away once she walked into the store. I approached the manager and gave him the choice of either her complying or me leaving. She soon walked out. But in discussing the situation later I was astonished at the treatment store workers receive. Apparently another woman earlier this afternoon who was told she had to wear a mask starting spitting! Not sure if the police were called (and they should have been). But these belligerent individuals don’t love our country and only are concerned with themselves. Good riddance.

    • Ms. B. April 26, 2020, 08:47

      Nick, thank you for the heads up on the Perfect Bar at Target! Wow, just wow, I cannot believe that the lady had her mask but did want to wear it. The workers and customers have the right to protect their health!