Plotting and Planning

Yesterday, I tried to stop by Marshall’s but with social distancing, the line to get into the store was super long and so I drove right past the Marshall’s.

I hope everyone got their FREE Donut on App (up to $2) yesterday, if you didn’t then you’ll have wait for another opportunity because the app switched things up by stating that you only had one day (6/5) to buy the donut but you had many places where you could get your donut including Krispy Kreme.

Today, I’m going to tackle organizing my kitchen cabinets and underneath my sink.  My kitchen cabinets was nicely and then the pandemic arrived and some how my cabinets became a hot mess.  Then I realized that I’d ran out of black pepper and we didn’t have a back up of the black pepper.  While we had been sheltered in place to our homes, for two months, we did a lot more cooking, like we pretty much eating all three meals at home and we was using up all the condiments and seasonings.

As you know, when the flu season comes back, the CoronaVirus is supposed to hit twice as hard which means that we will be put into quarantined again, I will be stocking up seasonings and condiments, as well as, the essentials that still seem to be lacking on the shelves like toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning supplies, etc. Walgreens and CVS are now selling face masks, hand sanitizers and cleaning wipes. I’m also stocking up on dry goods because it was so disheartening when I walked into the grocery store and shelves were wiped out.

Anyways, you see the Smart Source 6/7 and Retail Me Not 6/7 coupon previews by clicking the hyperlinks.

If you didn’t get a chance to stop by CVS, this week, and print your CVS coupon then go to your CVS account and print or send to card your CVS coupons!

It’s Saturday, enjoy your day!