Plotting and Planning

When I was a little kid, on Saturdays, my parents would drop us off at the movie theaters on base and they’d go run their errands and go grocery shopping.  If mom and dad wasn’t back by the time the movie ended, we would talk to the bowling alley and sit their until my dad came to get us. Back in those days, kids were not coddled, we learned at an early age to be responsible and follow directions. I probably was nine years old when dad was dropping us off and my two brothers was probably 8 and 7.  My brothers are big movie fans and before COVID19, they’d go to the movies every weekend.

This morning, I am saddened by the passing of Chadwick Boseman, who played T’Challa in Black Panther.  We love the Comic Book movies and we were school when the first Superman movie with Christopher Reeves came out but we’ve watched Star Wars, Star Trek, Raiders of the Lost Arc, and X-men to name a few but those movies, for the most part, did not have a black lead until Black Panther came along.  We will be watching Black Panther tonight and I’ve got to go to Vons because I need to pick up their Signature Select microwave popcorn which is normally like $1.88.

If you did not get a chance to stock up the Dixie paper plates, Scott toilet paper and/or paper towels or the Kleenex at Walgreens, this week, because they were out of stock, stop by your local stores because they may have replenished their stock.

The Community Coffee for $0.33 each and the FREE Lime-a-Way Cleanser were super run deals and I was shocked that I was able to get in on both deals.  What was odd about the Community coffee is only one store out of 4 in my area had the coffee.  The Dollar Tree is a whole story because we don’t have a Dollar Tree nor $0.99 Store in my area and so it’s about 15 minute drive for me to get to the nearest Dollar Tree but I got very in finding the Lime-a-Way.

If you did not get a chance to stop by CVS, this week, then go to your CVS account and print or send to card your CVS coupon.

On Sunday, we will get the Retail Me Not, Smart Source and P&G expect in area where the P & G and the RMN only comes inside your mail box. Click on the hyperlinks to see the previews.

It’s Sunday, enjoy your day!


  • Nick August 29, 2020, 10:14

    Good morning. KIZE and shine! 🌞

    • Ms. B. August 29, 2020, 11:27

      Nick, I only have the Size for 50% off?