Plotting and Planning

My allergy symptoms have been kicking my butt – sneezing, coughing from post nasal drip and a stuffy head and having a runny nose while wearing a mask is not fun.  On Tuesday, it started getting windy in San Diego which throws the pollen in the air but Initially, I thought I was coming down with a cold because I had a stuffy head and then as each day progressed, I developed another symptom.  My son finally said after hearing me complain about not feeling well, “Mom, it’s fall, you always get your bad allergies in the fall.”  Thank goodness, we got the Scotties Facial Tissues for $0.25 at Dollar Tree back in August.  Due to my allergy symptoms, I’ve been a bit lethargic and I’ve been taking long naps because Benadryl puts me out!  We are supposed to get rain, this weekend, which should help with anyone experiencing allergy symptoms.

There has been a lot Ibotta resets like the Chicken Broth for $0.07 at Walmart and Walgreens has the Swanson Broth on sale for $0.59 which means that you can use your Balance Rewards points to lessen your actual out of pocket, FREE Fage Total Split Top Yogurt, and the FREE Michel et Augustin Cookie Squares which it took me a couple of days to get paid but well worth it for those delicious cookies!

On Sunday, we will get the P&G, Smart Source and the Retail Me Not coupon inserts inside of the newspapers.

The reason that on each Saturday I remind everyone to print or send your CVS coupons to card because it can mean the difference in getting free or money maker and having to pay more out of pocket.  In fact, ensure that you clip ALL of your digital coupons not just the ones that you think you might use.  For awhile now, if you have a digital coupon and you use a paper coupon for the same product, both come of on your receipt.  For example, if you have one Suave shampoo in your transaction but you clipped a $2 Suave hair care digital coupon in your account and you hand the cashier a $2 Suave hair care paper coupon, both manufacturer coupons will come off on your account. On Sundays, that should be your number one mission is to clip those digital manufacturer coupons.

Anyways, it’s Saturday, enjoy your day!