Plotting and Planning

I think we are all a bit worn down waiting for these states to count the votes for the next president of the United States.  Like why is it taking so long in Nevada to count their votes.  There is something fundamentally wrong with the system that it should take so long to count the votes with all of the technology we have.

Anyways, I finally received my $4.99 credit for my purchase of the Michel et Augustin Cookie Squares on 11/24/20 but well worth the wait because those cookies are delicious!

It’s still hard to believe that through couponing that we were able to score a FREE Thanksgiving Dinner. I am still keeping my fingers crossed that the app will still come out with their FREE canned greens beans, FREE gravy, FREE any Brand Fresh Potatoes or Sweet Potatoes offer (up to $1.50) and FREE Cranberry Sauce. Maybe, they will add a FREE pumpkin or apple pie rebate. You have to speak it into the Universe for things to happen.

In San Diego, they are converting almost all of the CVS stores into Self Checkout (SCO) registers. My nearest store has had SCO’s for YEARS because it’s a high traffic store for both cars and foot traffic.  My store and it’s pharmacy is open 24/7/365.  However, this week, I stopped at a different CVS that I had not been into in awhile, and I shocked to see that they’d had installed the SCO’s and completely new employees.  Y’all already know that I am expert on the CVS SCO’s so I wait behind the designated line until two others  finish at the SCO (the register was closed) but the attendant was insisting that I go to SCO and I’m like “both registers have people at them right now” and I swear she acted like I didn’t understand English.

Me, being me, thought maybe she has a hearing problem so I said it again but louder and the girl that had just finished at SCO chimed in and said “there are two of use at the registers.”  At “my” CVS, the SCO machines are built against the wall and the cashiers can see the SCO machines plus, they always have an attendant at SCO.  My store, generally, has two cashiers working the registers for the people buying beer or liquor, the attendant, and several employees out on the floor stocking shelves and a Beauty employee stocking beauty items or setting up the shelves.  If you don’t have SCO in your CVS stores, yet, it’s coming.

If you did not get a chance to stop by CVS, this week, then go to your CVS account and print or send to card your CVS coupons!

On Sunday, we will get the Smart Source and Retail Me Not coupon inserts inside the newspapers.

It’s Saturday and it’s suppose to be a wet weekend in California so get out your hot chocolate, Pumpkin Spice coffee and your fragranced candles and enjoy your weekend!



  • tina November 8, 2020, 02:22

    For years I wished CVS comes to my state. Then, probably about 5 years ago they finally opened stores here. I thought I would be so excited but I haven’t stepped into one yet. Not on my commute to work, and not very near by, so I just decided not to check them out. Walgreens was taking all my time haha. But now after they cut the bonuses I am planning to cash out and take a break. I used to looove RA but stopped going there after they switched to the 30 days bonus frame. Now I don’t have points and don’t go there either.

    • Ms. B. November 8, 2020, 17:45

      In my area, we have 4 CVS stores and I could by CVS, Rite Aid Walgreens on my way to work when I worked or I could go during my lunch to CVS, Walgreens or Walmart. Rite Aid used to be my favorite store but after Walgreens bought most of the Rite Aid stores and then Rite Aid pretty much went down hill. I’m hating the whole change from Balance Rewards/Register Rewards to Walgreens Cash. I heard that the Beauty Rewards that you have earned does not convert to Walgreens Cash and you loose them. 🙁

      • tina November 9, 2020, 00:17

        Yep! I also hate the new Walgreens program! That’s why I am now stocking up on toilet paper and detergent so I just don’t waste my hard won points to stuff I will not be using. I was looking at the perfumes but as I said in another post, they reduced the variety and prices are not that great anyway.

        • Ms. B. November 9, 2020, 07:22

          I also noticed that they didn’t have the variety of fragrance scents or variety of ounces so I passed on their most recent fragrance deal.