Plotting and Planning

I am still struggling with my allergy symptoms.  They prescribed me two inhalers – one is fast acting and the other is like maintenance. Mr. Man went out and got me a humidifier to help break up my congestion.  The Allegra 24 hr that I take in the morning only last about three quarters of the morning and the Benadryl that I take a bedtime does absolutely work and gets rid of congestion but it does put me to sleep so I don’t take during the day.  The Afrin No Drip All Night Nasal Spray 15 ml that we recently also works well but again it puts me sleep and I’m struggling to get up in the morning.  Thank goodness, we got all those super cheap Scotties Facial Tissues for $0.25 each back in August.

I believe TheCouponer had mentioned that the Nautica will bc back on 40% off sale starting on Sunday which means a nice rebate double dip, read my previous post.

I noticed, last night, that the $2/2 and $3/2 Hallmark Holiday greeting cards Ibotta rebates have reset and it’s already been reported that the $0.49 Hallmark Holiday cards works for both rebates, therefore, buy two $0.49 cards and have a $4.02 Money Maker!!!!!!!!

If you are going to Walmart, you might as well pick up the Money Maker Thomas Mini Croissants and the FREE Mtn Dew Zero Sugar 20 oz.

On Sunday, we will be getting the Retail Me Not and Smart Source coupon inserts inside the newspapers.

If you didn’t get a chance to stop by CVS, this week, go to you CVS account and print or send to card your CVS coupons!

It’s Saturday and the weather will be in the 70’s, here in Southern California so enjoy your day!



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