Plotting and Planning

Wow! I still cannot believe how quickly the FREE Green Garden Freeze Dried Herbs Ibotta rebates became unavailable. Almost as quickly as the Walgreens Secret Essential Oils Deodorant deal disappeared off of Ibotta. Walgreens is about 5 minutes from home so I was able to grab that deal, whereas, Ralphs on a good day is 10 minutes away but with traffic (which I had) it’s about 15 minutes away and so I wasn’t successful in getting the spices. I am keeping my fingers crossed that they will offer the FREE spices again.

This week, in particular, there are a lot of folks that are home because of the stay at home order/lockdown so more people have more time on their hands to dash out the door to do a quick freebie deal.

I am back down to one CVS card with Extra Bucks!!!!!  It is a lot of work to manage more than one card so I will be retiring that card until a Money Maker deal makes me bring it out of retirement.  I had a $10 ECB on that card and I bought a $9.99 Lavender essential oil but then the cashier was kind enough to let me know that the $3 off CVS vitamin applied and she suggested that I buy some candy bars so I wouldn’t loose $3 which I did!  The Lavender essential oil will go into my humidifier which has really helped with my allergy symptoms.

Speaking of CVS, if you didn’t get a chance to go to CVS, this week, go to your CVS account and send to card or print your CVS coupons.

In the Sunday newspapers or mail box, we will be getting the Retail Me Not and Smart Source coupon inserts!

It’s going to be in the low 60’s in Southern California so we can break out our sweaters, candles and pumpkin spice or mocha peppermint coffees to enjoy on this beautiful day.


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