Plotting and Planning

We made through 2020 and I am grateful to be going into 2021 without a whole bunch of drama.  Go through your coupon inserts including the printable coupons and toss the expired inserts and printables to start out your new year fresh. I typically only keep a couple months of inserts and I will toss all insert prior to November.

Take down the Christmas tree and decorations so you’ll have a fresh start on Monday.I am expecting that Ibotta will be coming out with great rebates on Monday.

On Sunday, it’s the first coupon inserts of the New Year which normally means we are getting some of the best inserts of the year.  You’ll definitely want to pick up, at least, two Sunday newspapers.  We will be getting the Smart Source #1, Smart Source #2, Retail Me Not #1 and Retail Me Not #2.

If you didn’t get a chance to go to CVS, this week, go to your CVS account to see your Quarterly Extra Bucks and print or send to card your CVS coupons!

It’s Saturday, enjoy your day!


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