Plotting and Planning

I have been thoroughly enjoying the cooler weather, in San Diego, over the last month because  like on New Year’s Eve, I was able to wear my pretty sparkly gray sweater, I have been wearing my jackets and we have been cooking hardier meals.  However, the cooler weather has come to an end because over the next 10 days, it’s going to be in the 70’s to 80’s and the mornings will be in the 50’s.  The 50’s is actually great walking weather, if you walk more than 2 miles.

Anyways, it’ so important keep redoing Money Maker deals as they reset and you need to keep checking if a deal has reset.  I typically will only post once about a Money Maker because I don’t want the deal to disappear like the $16 Money Maker Modern Fertility Pregnancy Test 2 ct that died quickly.

On Thursday, I grabbed (5) Snapple drink single serve for $1.08 each and I got back $5 from CO51 and $5 from Swagbucks, a quick $4.60 Money Maker.

Yesterday, I paid $9.94 for (2) Good Thins in Sea Salt ($1.86 each), (2) Five Star Folders ($0.05 each), Boston Market entree ($1.96), FREE Greek Gods Less Sugar Keto Friendly Yogurt 4.5oz ($1.28) and $2.88 for the Belvita Breakfast Biscuits and I got back $7.24 from IB,  $4 from CO51 and $4 from Swagbucks so a $5.30 Money Maker.

Again, I used my PayPal Debit Card to pay so I had no actual out of pocket. I highly recommend that you watch the video, How to Use the PayPal Debit Card.

On Sunday, we will be getting only one coupon insert and that will be the Smart Source.

If you didn’t stop by CVS, this week, then go to your CVS account and print or send to card your CVS coupons.

It’s Saturday…enjoy your day!


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