Plotting and Planning

It’s going to be cold and rainy over the next week and so at my son’s request I was preparing to make a pot of chili when I realized that I only had one can of canned diced tomatoes.  Of course, I ran over to Vons to pick up the O Organics diced tomatoes, a loaf a bread and one other thing and to my surprise, I only got one $1 off zip code advantage for the O Organics and one $1 off bakery.  A very similar thing happened on my Albertsons card, too, this week and no I do not used my “Albertsons” phone number at Vons and vice versa.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that it was just a fluke.

I am going to keep repeating this Money Maker deal until they stop offering it – on Thursday, I grabbed (5) Snapple drink single serve for $1.08 each and I got back $5 from CO51 and $5 from Swagbucks, a quick $4.60 Money Maker.  Each Thursday when the offer resets, I buy another five.

Also, the FREE Ferrero Golden Gallery 12 ct is another great deal that you can do once a week and literally, you can keep getting FREE boxed chocolates until Valentine’s Day. You spend $10 for the 2 boxes submit your receipt to Swagbucks or MyPoints and earn $10 points. Typically, once I have $25 in points on Swagbucks or MyPoints, I will request for a PayPal or Amazon gift card.

I am also going to repeat that I highly recommend that you watch the video, How to Use the PayPal Debit Card.

On Sunday, we will be getting the Smart Source, Retail Me Not #1 and Retail Me Not #2. If you are in Southern California, go to Dollar Tree on Saturday or Sunday to pay $1 newspapers to get your coupons.  If you are in Northern California, you go to the $0.99 Store.  I don’t know about Central California but where ever you go to get your Sunday papers, you always, always, always look inside the newspapers to ensure that they have the coupon inserts inside.

I, personally, cannot afford to spend $1 on newspapers without the coupons inserts. Period!

If you didn’t stop by CVS, this week, then go to your CVS account and print or send to card your CVS coupons.

It’s Saturday…enjoy your day!


  • Nick January 23, 2021, 11:47

    You might see some FREE O Organics carrots in your Safeway chain digital offers. If you have the offer be sure to use your weekly $1 produce AND $1 O Organics digitals FIRST (in a separate transaction for safety) to avoid confusing the system!

    • Ms. B. January 23, 2021, 15:52

      Thanks, Nick! 🙂 Perfect for a stew or oven roasted carrots!

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