Plotting and Planning

Okay, can someone tell me why I made an appointment for exam on a Saturday morning and to do blood work?  My doctor’s office caught me off guard when they called and I was like “sure”…and now I am hating life b/c I have not had any coffee or food b/c of the blood work!

Anyways, I plan to stop by both Rite Aid and CVS today.

I am going to do the Softsoap and Colgate deal and get the Hot Tamales at Rite Aid.

At CVS, I am doing the Biore deal one last time since today is the last day to do it and I have (2) $2 Biore CRTs.  I will also be picking up the Purex Crystals since I love that stuff!

The CVS ad for tomorrow is not looking too hot so I may skip CVS.

Really, the Rite Aid ad is kinda dismal, too, but I’ll have to look at my +Ups to see if I have any expiring next Saturday b/c I am thinking that the week after next Rite Aid ad isn’t so great.

I will definitely be going to Vons (Safeway) on Sunday to get FREE produce and do my regular grocery shopping.

I will also be stopping by Ralphs (Krogers) to get he Welch’s Fruit Fizz Juice which is on sale for $1.77 and there a $.75/1 printable coupon.


  • Donna Mc. April 29, 2012, 11:17

    “We’re sorry but Personalized Deals are not currently available in your area.”

    This is why I shop at Shop Rite and haven’t shopped Safeway for over ten years. They have the worst prices and sales where I live, and the stores are shoddy to boot.

    • admin April 29, 2012, 12:44

      The Vons in near where I live are old and tiny even though they have been remodeled.