Plotting and Planning

Since I have $99+ in Extra Bucks and I need to stock up on toilet paper and I could use some paper towels, I will definitely be going to CVS on Sunday to do the P&G deal!  I will also be getting more FREE greeting cards and stocking up on the Zantac, too.

Now onto Rite Aid, yesterday, it took me forever to find the $5/1 Samy Fat Hair Foam Hair Color coupon on the internet but I knew that since it had been a pdf on their Facebook page that a kind soul would have the coupon posted in some form or another on the World Wide Web.  It finally dawn on me to search “$5 Samy coupon pdf” and it popped up!!!

Needless to say, I will be going to Rite Aid to do the Samy Hair Color deal, Salon Grafix Hairspray and the St Joseph’s since they are Money Makers!