Plotting and Planning

plottingplanningWow, it’s the last Saturday of 2012, where has the year gone?  I plan to do to do the Simple Skincare deal today in between the rain.  No plans to go to Rite Aid.  I took care of my $1 +Up that was expiring so I can just chill.

On Sunday, I will be going to Rite Aid for the quick and easy Azo, Pantene, Breathe Right and the Blistex.  However, I do plan to go back to Rite Aid probably on Tuesday or Wednesday to see about the new January Monthly +Up deals hoping that they will correlate with the 50th Anniversary promotion.

CVS I will waiting until Monday or Tuesday, I am not in a big hurry to get to CVS next week.  I gotta look at my Extra Bucks to when the earliest one is expiring in January.

Don’t forget, my Comment Contest will start tonight at 9pm PST.


  • Vera December 29, 2012, 09:36

    My puchase today counted toward the 50th Promo. I purchased 2 Physicians Formula Fake Out Mascara w/Try my free stickers. I got $10 UPS (when you buy $15.) and will submit for rebates. I got $15.92 towards the $100.

    • admin December 29, 2012, 12:03

      OH Vera, thank you sooooo much for letting us know!!!!!!!!!!!!