Plotting and Planning

plottingplanningYesterday, it pretty much rained all day long and it was cold and windy.  The weather reminded me a bit of the time when I landed at Washington-National Airport and the walk to pick up my rental car, the cold wind and rain coming off the Potomac was stinging my face…ouch!  Anyways, on Friday, I went to both Rite Aid and CVS and the registers were all messed up.  At Rite Aid, the scanner would not scan my card so nothing was ringing up at the sales price.  At CVS, the same thing, nothing was ringing up at the sales price.  However, when I scanned my card at the Redbox, I got two different $10/$50 CVS coupons!  So, I gotta go back to both stores to finish up the deals for this week.

I have no plans to go to CVS on Sunday, the deals are dismal at best.  Rite Aid I will be getting a few things – Zyrtec, Colgate, Tresemme, Sucrets, Edge.



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