Plotting & Planning…

I did some plotting and planning earlier this evening by going to CVS and Walgreens to check out stock availability!

I first went over to CVS in North Park (San Diego) to see how their stock was on their Glade products. Well, their Glade products are kinda skimpy so if I want to take advantage of the Glade Extra Bucks (EB) deals tomorrow, I’d better get there early tomorrow morning! Of course, I’ll be picking up the freebies, too, like the skittles, carefree, palmolive, clorox bleach, pens, cvs aspirins. Not too sure what the limit is on the Glade is b/c there are conflicting reports of the limit being 1 or 3. I have a ton of those coupons for FREE Glade Lasting Impressions so I won’t have spend any EBs on the Glade deal whatever the limit is.

Then I headed over to Walgreens, it’s across the street. I had my Walgreens coupons for $2 of Huggies Wipes. I was a good girl and only grabbed two of them. But there was another lady there contemplating which of the baby wipes to buy and then she picked the smaller Wags brand wipes. Of course, I stopped her in her tracks and told her about the $2 coupon in Wag’s Back to School coupon book. I showed her my $2 coupon and told her the Huggies will be $.99 with coupon and she was so grateful and it made me feel good to help out someone in need! But I totally forgot to check for the stock of the Listerine Mouthwash Cool Blue Bubble Blast since I have the BOGO coupon.

While I was waiting in line at Walgreens, I found coupons for $1/2 Amp Energy Drinks exp 10/31/09. They have Amp on sale all the time at the grocery stores and sometimes BOGO at CVS and Walgreens. My son loves those types of energy drinks and since he will be moving home on Sunday, these Amp coupons will come in real handy.