Plotting & Planning…

Wow, I had such an exciting week with the Walgreens glitch on the Triaminic and One a Day!  But all good things must come to an end…but I had fun.

I will be stopping by Rite Aid later today to pick up the Tresseme (I love the conditioner for my hair), Proantinox (I have a $3 Adperk q for it) $6.99 get $6.99 SCR, Tampax, Mentos ($.55 q in last Sunday’s coupons), Aquafresh Iso, Sensodyne and Bic Soleil. All this should count towards the $20 Rite Aid gift certificate.

On Sunday, CVS looks kinda weak but I will be getting the Pro Health Toothpaste (I have a free q for it & get $2 EB), Zantac and Trident.

At Walgreens, I am gonna scoop up a Thermacare Heat Wrap, Oral B/Crest dental care (using the BOGO from P&G 8/30) and 2/$5 Formula 409 get $2 RR…I gotta use up from the Triaminic deal this week!

Maybe, I hope and pray, there will be another glitch this week…LOL.