Plotting & Planning…

Aaaaah, since I don’t have to work overtime this weekend…what will I do, what will I do with myself!

Okay, I will head over to Vons in a minute to get the early edition of the Sunday newspaperand to buy the Kleenex.  I will also try to organize my coupons…they are currently a MESS.

Then, I will cut out coupons for the drugstore shopping.

Let’s see, I’ll probably go over to Rite Aid a later next week to buy scalp wipes and poligrip since they are FREE after SCRs.

So for Sunday, I’ll be doing my thing at CVS and buying St Ives, Revlon Nails, and Zantac.

Walgreens doesn’t look that hot this week to me.  I’ll definitely will be buying the Purrell hand sanitizer and maybe the Gillette Fusion Razor…other than that…it looks like I will be home real early!