Plotting & Planning…

Good grief, today was my 13th day of working straight but I am taking tomorrow off! LOL. I am bone tired BUT after work, I ran over to CVS since I only needed to spend $8 and change to get the $5 Extra Bucks (spend $15 on candy get $5 EB). I had bought candy 3 weeks ago and it counted towards the deal plus I had bought gum on Sunday which also counted so I bought the rest today to get the $5 EB.

I was at the North Park CVS (University & 805) and they had ALL the signs up for the Extra Bucks deals for TOMORROW. So, I did a little test and bought the Dibs ice cream for $2 but it did not produce an EB. I was so hoping it would b/c I would have gone back home and gotten the rest of my EBs and bought everything today! (hehehe)…I know, I’m greedy!

At the scanner, it produced two CRTs – $1 on any Toothpaste and $2 on the New Essence of Beauty Pedicure Sets.
I also stopped by Vons to pick up the Early Edition Sunday San Diego Union-Tribune…and the paper had ALL the sales ads except Rite Aid but including the Smart Source coupon insert.

I found 3 Blinkies at Vons – Planters Trail Mix Clusters (empty), $1/2 Ocean Spray Powdered Drink Mixes and $1 Boost Nutritional Drink.

Now, I’ve got to finish plotting and planning my trips to the drugstores for tomorrow.